Tweedswood Day Two 13th March

Andrew Toft with tight loops

Another great day on the Tweed day two of our GAIA meeting.  Brilliant weather sunshine strong wind, very bright and cold, 60 GAIA members and guests assembled for a day of development and fun.

Further successes from yesterday were Dudley Hosfield and John Symonds GAIC Salmon, Richard Jacques, Mike Lonsdale GAIC Trout congratulations to them all they worked hard to achieve their success.

Tweedswood Viaduct

Back to today we had arranged workshops with Ronnie Glass Scottish Rivers team member on Grayling fishing, Kenny Galt from the Tweed Foundation who gave interesting discussions on Tweed fly life.  Gary Scott was Salmon fishing and Andrew Toft was Fulcrum Casting.  Peter MCCallum and Wendy Gibson were our fly dressers they were joined briefly at lunch by Pat Stevens of Flytek.  Louis Noble and Mark Roberts were giving APGAI casting overviews and the master of spey casting Peter Anderson gave a demo over lunch always a joy to watch.  Finally Ray Morris discussed customer service before dinner.

The casting was well received some of my pals from the Glasgow casting club were bowled over and I know were inspired to join GAIA  and plan taking a GAIC assessment next time around which is great.

Gary Scott

We also had some boys over from Ireland who were amazing and gave freely of their time Philip Maher, Mark Roberts and Leslie Holmes.  Leslie is a Mullet fisherman with a fly and I have planned to go fish with him in June of this year which I am looking forward to doing.  Other invites include a trip to Waterford in September for an FFF meet which I will do.

Other notes for me to remember are Loop Opti Lake  and the Michael Evans are lines for me to get hold of as they cast a treat and the Sage XP 4 piece 5 or 6 is a great rod that I have to look out for so if anyone wants to sell one please get in touch.

Peter Anderson holding court!
Finally a big thanks to Kevin Patterson ghillie at Tweedswood who was patient with us all for two days
and who helped me organise the event.
These photos incidently are by kind permission of a successful candidates John Symonds who obtained  his GAIC double handed  assessment.

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