The Lake opening day 20th March

Stewart Marshall

Opening day at the Lake  fantastic weather a few trout along with a number of jack pike.  Two weeks earlier the Lake was frozen without a s boat in the water, Quint moved mountains to get the fishery in good order and the weather was kind warm and no ice in the water.  Neil McCarry and I fished together.

Quints opening address!

We were all played a float by Stewart Marshall excellant piper and also talented fisherman.  Quint gave a welcoming address and a very talented young lady whose name escaped me sang for us and very good it was too.  As we were sat waiting to go fishing trout could be seen rising and there were chironomids in the air. 

My first video clip with Neil requesting coffee, this is neat. Neil and I set off for Lochend and when we arrived fish were rising  close by Toad Hole and the reeds.

Back to the fishing I was using a slow glass with a Kevins Cat on the point a double, a cormorant on the middle dropper and a cat booby on the top dropper.  First fish was a jack pike on the point, then another and then another eventually I caught a nice trout, Neil did well he had 4 fish on various flies and a Di 3 line, he may also have had a pike as he was brocken .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Ben Lomond from Lochend

We had a great day Kenny Miller had a better day and caught a barrow load with buzzers.  I really need to tidy my fly boxes for a tyer they are a disgrace.

Dr Neil McCarry


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