GAIA Weekend

Well the weekend has now arrived and we are on the banks of the Tweed at Tweedswood near Melrose.  What a fantastic river the Tweed is and what a beautiful fishery.  GAIA members from all over the country and Ireland North and South, have collected to carry out assessments of new members and to develop their own personal skills.  This is the largest collection of GAIA members ever to assemble in Scotland.  What I like about this organisation is its willingness to assist all its members, no matter how experienced, they are always willing to help.

Mark Roberts and Allan Carter

Something like 18 guys lined themselves up for assessments in single handed and double handed casting in both GAIC and APGAI, we had 10 pass.  These tests are nerve racking no matter how experienced you are.  Three of us were reassessed myself Alberto and Brian McGlashan in single handed trout and Philip Pledger in double hand salmon all three of us passed.  Alun Reece is a new APGAI trout and Scott Loudon and Ray Morris GAIC trout I will get more names tomorrow. 

 Tomorrow is a CPD Day and we are expecting approximately 60 guys to come learn and play

Happy Scott Loudon and Brian McGlashan
Sunset at a busy Tweedswood

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