Flies of the Clyde and Local Area

We had a very enjoyable evening at the Milngavie Fly Dressers when Craig MacAdam, Scottish Director of www. Buglife.org.uk came.   He gave us a very enlightening presentation of the food that trout and grayling eat on the Clyde and surrounding area.   Have to say that I learned a great deal about Plecoptera, Trichoptera, other bugs and beetles, I have forgotten their latin name.  Probably the most important group of all Ephemeroptera the may or day flies.  Day flies I guess because of their ephemeral nature, here today and gone tomorrow.

We learned some interesting facts approximately 190 Trichcoptera in the UK and 80 odd day flies.  Even discovered that some sedges conducted the practice of aestivation, that’s summer hibernation to you and me!  They sit in trees and go into a dormant state waiting until conditions were right to mate and breed.  Ephemeroptera are some of the oldest flies on the earth dating back several million years.

It would seem also that we can assist www.buglife.org.uk by notifying them of  any sightings of March Browns check them out and identify them here.  look out in particular for the dark spot on the hind legs.  If you believe that you have the right fly complete this form and send it off.   The key month in Scotland would likely be April.

The other fly of interest to buglife is the Orange Striped Stone Fly  and any sightings should be reported here.

Thanks go to Craig for taking the time to come and meet with us.

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