Grayling on a Condom

The Vladi worm a fly devised by Poland’s Vladi Trzebunia to imitate the common earth worm.  In my early days grayling fishing I used to trot with gilt tails, small earth worms kept in moss and fed regularly with cream and they worked.   Why I doubted that this fly would be of use for Scottish grayling I am not sure but I was fascinated by the fly and set about getting the right materials.

Daiichi 1870 swimming nymph hooks difficult to find in the UK so I sent off to the US although I did see taht a Uk company now stocked them. Bright pink condoms were next ebay came to the rescue, when a dozen  arrived, bright pink the required colour.  I felt that I had to explain to my partner why I needed all these condoms in my tackle box in case she came across them.

Tweed Grayling

The material arrived and I set about tying a few “worms” and they looked great.  They then sat in my fly box possible for the next 3 years.  Eventually I got round to trying one it was on my annual day on the Tweed at Tweedswood and it worked, very quickly, on the second cast.  I moved it around on the cast, gave one away and it still worked.  I tried it after I saw an article in Trout and Salmon magazine where a version using polythene was being used instead of condom to effect.

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