Loch Lomond Angling Improvement Association

This season I rejoined Loch Lomond Angling Improvement Association.  I was a member some 20 years ago and kept a boat on the loch and would fish for salmon and sea trout with a fly.  Very good it was, with my biggest fly caught salmon from the Loch of some 13lb from the Hen Isle and best sea trout of 7lb from the east end of Inchlonaig, Island of the Yew Trees.  I can even remember the fly that caught the sea trout it was a silver invicta double on the point.

I then drifted away, and  even when I moved close to the Endrick a Loch Lomond feeder and also a good spate river some 10 years ago failed to renew my membership.  This year I took the plunge partly due to the fact that the association had declared an amnesty on joining fees for lapsed members but mainly due to the Endrick being some 5 minutes away.  There are also other possibilities that I plan to try,  pike and grey mullet.  I can now fish for grey mullet at the mouth of the river Leven  by Dunbarton Rock without fear of being apprehended by the bailiffs, but I have yet to try this on a Sunday! not sure how that would work.

Bridge pool River Endrick

The Leven itself a good salmon river but very urban having said that there are places which are pleasant to fish and as an early riser if I get down there early I have at least a few hours to my self before the bait fisherman materialise. Nothing wrong with bait fishing I just prefer a fly.  So far other rods that  I have met have been sociable friendly and very helpful.   It also has some great stretches where the fly fishes beautifully, my  favourite so far has to be the “Piles” a superb piece of fly water.


The loch itself is well worth ago and I have a day planned in the next week or so and will report what success if any we have.  The last time I was there my son caught a 30lb plus pike which was memorable.

Pots of Gartness River Endrick

The river Endrick is entirely fly only but does depend on water the trick is to get down before the water starts to fall.  Personally I keep a daily check on the SEPA web site and am prepared to go at short notice when the river starts to fall.  Sea liced fish can and have been caught  this season.  Its going to rain tonight and I am planning to go for an early morning session before work.  I will also get some photos of the river and post them here.

Scott Kidd caught Endrick grilse 18th August 2012

Caught by Scott first fly caught salmon, but my fly now retailing to him at £5 each.

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