Why is it that in the excitement of the moment photos always seem to go wrong?  I am not the most knowledgeable of photographers and have a very simple point and shot, Canon digital I still however get it wrong.

I would like to be able to use macro just so that I can take some photos of the flies that I tie and one day I would like that picture of me with fish that I have caught.

Let’s start with the fish, when I salmon fish I mostly fish alone the issue then is that I cannot take a photo of me with any fish that I catch.  I know that I could do it or at least attempt it with a tripod and timer.  Setting all this up is going to be a kerfuffle in fact impossible if I take the welfare of the fish into account.  I fish catch and release for salmon and brown trout so no real time to pose when on my own.

This is a photo of a fish that I caught last week on the Tay, a wonderful fish of about 13lb.  Again alone all I could do was take a shot and return it.

Note in my haste and excitement there was no time to pose or check for shadows, yes that shadow is me. In many ways the fish looks lifeless and except for the rod handle it’s difficult to appreciate size.  But at least it helps me remember the moment.

Wild lupines Glendelvine beat River Tay


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