What to do in a thunderstorm?

I was caught in a boat at the Lake of Menteith the other evening whilst chasing rainbows.  It is early June in Scotland and the last thing that we expect at this time of the year is a severe thunderstorm but we got one.  I do not like electricity at the best of times so lightening bothers me greatly, especially in a small open fishing boat with a carbon rod in hand, in the middle of a flat expanse of water.

What should you do well we did the obvious, dropped our rods and motored as quickly as we could towards the shore.  Advice says get inside, there was no where to go so we went into a group of trees and hoped for the best.  The storm past and we were survived, wet and cold after the hail but fine.

Well what should you do?  Advice seemed to suggest that we took the right action.  Get away from water do not stand under a single tree and crouch to make yourself as small as possible.  If you want to read more about what to do go here .

What of the fishing it was good and the fish were up on the surface a couple of hours later taking small CDC dries.

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