Its been a long winter

November it snowed a fair bit and when it was not snowing its was very cold  minus 8-12 most nights.  Apparently its been the coldest winter in Scotland for over 100 years, M8 closed for several days and people stranded over night.  I had to cancel my gathering on the Tweed on the 4th December due to the weather.

Tweedswood in the Snow 2nd Decmber 2011

This photo was the last vehicle to get out of  Tweedswood when it snowed.

Fishing as out of the question it was  impossible to get out and also my age stops me it’s cold and I’m not as keen as I used to be.

We had a day planned for the 8th January to theTeviot on Monteviot but the evening before it snowed.  We met as planned and made the decision to travel as the forecast for the day was good.   A slower journey than normal but we got there nevertheless. The river looked great and optimism was high 6 of us made it to the water.

Walking a fair bit  to get warm and to look over the beat.  I wish that I could report that we caught a load of fish but sadly I have to report that one grayling was caught, sorry I have no photos.  I was assured it was a good fish and most fish on this stretch average about 1.5lb.

River Teviot Jan 2011

I need to get my trotting gear out for days like this, being committed to fly only is OK but when the weather is cold and water high bait is going to give you better results.  Next season I think that I will dust off the Alcock’s Aerial and get the Wallace cast sorted!

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