In the steps of Georgina Ballantine

I was back on the Tay again last Saturday 11th September fishing the very pool that Georgina Ballantine on the 7th October 1922 caught her British record salmon weighing 64lb I wish I could have made the same boast.

Georgina Ballantine

Hers took 2 hours to land with the help of her ghillie father mine took all of 2 minutes.  Nevertheless it was a salmon in miniature, mine was struggling to reach 2lb hers was 32 times larger.  Mine was perfect, it was a salmon in miniature and if I had taken a photo and posted it on this site I could have passed it off as a 10lb fish.

Mine was like this but 1/32 nd the size

I had missed a couple of offers in the morning, line being taken off the reel but when I tightened they were off as quickly.

This was my last day of the season on the Tay, I will be back next year hopefully with bigger results.  Steve the ghillie  as I left said that this was the smallest fish they had entered in the Glendelvine log book at least I can list my name alongside Georgina Ballantine and the Boat Pool .

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