Sand Smelts, Sprats Really

We were walking on the Black Cart,  Abercorn AC water again yesterday looking for Mullet, we being Matthew and I.  This is the second attempt to find the fish we arrived at 1pm this was about 2 hours after high tide and we stood and waited and then waited a bit more but no sign of these grey shadows.   Eventually at about 3.30, I think that was about 2 hours before low tide Alec Lawrie looking from the bridge spotted what he thought was mullet but we failed to see them.  We did find however shoals of what I later thought were sand smelts but on checking with SEPA they believed them to be sprats. The water was boiling with them and when you got close you could seem them flashing under the water surface, hundreds/thousands of them.

The water alive with sprats

This is what SEPA had to say;

“I have shown it to our fish expert and he says that they are definitely sprat.  Apparently they occasionally like to swim up-stream to feed in the brackish waters and I notice that we are just coming into quite high spring tides so it is possible that they are following the saltwater up into the inner Clyde & its tributaries.”

Not my dirty hand, but my sprat

As for the Mullet conditions were not good for spotting with lack of sunshine and a strong breeze.  We will be back again!

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