Spring Salmon

I have not had much time to blog recently what with work some instruction and a little fishing.

Whats the fishing been like well not to good.  The cold winter has certainly left its mark.  The trees in Glasgow are only just coming into serious leave and probably have been that way for a week or so.  If nature is a little retarded then without doubt the fish are.

So what have I been doing.  I have had some trout workshops on the Clyde over the bank holiday weekend going to my favoured spot difficult wading but no great results.  The occasional rise to large dark olives bit very intermittent and without any great conviction just a few small tout, but how pretty these Clyde Trout are with loads of spots.

I have had a couple of days at the salmon, one on the Tay and the other on the Spey both fruitless but I did get to practice my spey casting.  To be fair both days were cold with a northerly wind dropping the air temperature.

The water level on the Tay was very low so much so that the boat was not out.  I was on the Glendelvin beat and fished hard all day without a single response.

The Spey was a flying visit

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