Where it all began!

My fishing obsession where did it all begin?  On the banks of the River Teme at Powick just outside of Worcester is where it flourished.  I suppose it really started with the sticklebacks in the pond at Malvern Park  and then when I was old enough to travel by bus to the River Teme.  It was police association waters so at least we were well looked after despite  being chased off by their members.  The bridge was favourite or the weir just upstream

Powick Bridge, River Teme


I returned there last Autumn and it all seemed so much smaller.  As a boy the river seemed huge but when I returned it was small.  We knew this stretch well and fished for its chub mostly, barbel were not present 50 years ago, but now I understand they are what most anglers return here for.  In addition Twaite Shad were also common in season and we used to catch them on fly spoons I recall shoals of them in April and May.  Now these fish are protected and I really do not know if they come upstream at all these days





This plaque was not on the bridge in the early 60’s so we knew nothing about the history when we dropped our lumps of cheddar off  to attract those chub.

Further upstream was the weir which is these days very much in need of repair.  Next to the weir was the fish pass where we had our first encounters with salmon. 

Powick Weir or whats left of it


The favoured bait  here was live minnow or silk weed straight off the rocks.  This is also the spot where I had caught my first grayling. We spent many days of our school holidays around and in the river here and I will always be grateful to the start it gave me.

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